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Aeroplane Bitesize


Designed for the PPL (A) and LAPL (A)

Valid for 6 months

Bitesize Online Ground School for the PPL (A).

QuizAero Bitesize is our highly acclaimed theory course for student pilots bringing home studying in to the 21st Century. It covers all nine of the theory subjects in detail giving you the information you need for the exams.


  • Beautiful animations

  • Clear diagrams

  • Mobile friendly

  • 34 Chapters covering all nine of the theoretical subjects

  • Includes our Radiotelephony Audio Video Course 

  • Progress and competency tests*

  • All exam questions come with detailed explanations*

  • Track your progress and carry on where you left off across any device

  • Generate a certificate after completing each subject and passing the associated tests*


​All of the information is provided in bitesize chunks to help you understand with simple explanations. It is even mobile friendly so you can study on the go. There are 34 chapters covering everything you need for the written exams and the course is designed to make the learning process simple and fun.


QuizAero Bitesize works on mobile, tablet and desktops.


Please note that the Radiotelephony Audio Video Course is included as part of this package and should not be purchased separately.


*Purchase this with practice exams to unlock progress and competency tests.

  • Which licences is this suitable for?
    This product is designed for the UK PPL and LAPL Aeroplanes.
  • Is QuizAero up to date?
    Yes. This product reflects the latest CAA e-exams.
  • Which subjects are covered?
    All nine theoretical subjects are covered: Air Law Operational Procedures Meteorology Navigation and Radio Aids Communications Human Performance Flight Performance and Planning Principles of Flight Aircraft General Knowledge
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