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Radiotelephony Audio and Video Course.

Increase your confidence on the radio and train your ear to understand air traffic control with our highly popular Radiotelephony Audio and Video Course.

New pilots are often daunted by the prospect of using the radio. Simply understanding what air traffic controllers are saying can be difficult enough and there is always the fear of not knowing what is being asked of you or how to reply. 

The course includes video animations, audio tracks, interactive scenarios, scripts and a guide which explains the various aspects of ATC in a simple manner. It is designed to give you a realistic depiction of how aircraft and ATC interact in the UK including poorly made radio calls and those that do not comply entirely with CAP413. 


After a short while, you will know how to request a zone transit, land at larger aerodromes and have full confidence dealing with Air Traffic Control in a variety of circumstances.

The Radiotelephony Audio and Video Course will also help you prepare for the FRTOL (Flight Radio Telephony Operator's Licence) and sound like a pro!

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