Practice Exams and Online Ground School for the NPPL Microlights

QuizAero has a large database of practice questions for all of the tests on the NPPL (M) Microlights syllabus. Whether you are learning to fly flex-wing or fixed wing, we have all five exams covered here, plus bonus content with practice exams for radio procedures.

QuizAero Bitesize is an online ground school for microlight students. It covers all five of the theoretical subjects in detail giving you everything you need for the exams. In fact, we've made sure that it includes everything that is in the real exams! 

All of the information is provided in bitesize chunks to help you understand it. It is even mobile friendly so you can study on the go. 

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EV-97 Eurostar Microlight

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Microlight Air Law practice exams
Microlights Aircraft General practice exams
Microlights Meteorology practice exams
Microlights Human Factors practice exams
Microlight Communications practice exams
Microlights Navigation practice exams

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