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Sell QuizAero at your flying school and earn commission.

Flying schools are welcome to join our reseller scheme. If you wish to sell QuizAero at your flight training organisation, simply contact us using the form below for more information. Alternatively, email us using the address at the bottom of the page.

Who can join the reseller scheme?

All flight training organisations are welcome:

  • ATOs and DTOs teaching the PPL (A) or LAPL (A)

  • ATOs and DTOs teaching the PPL (H) or PPL (H)

  • Microlight schools


  • See a marked improvement in your students' exam performance

  • Your students will thank you for introducing them to QuizAero

  • View your student's study record and monitor their progress

  • Earn commission from every sale!

Get in touch

Thanks for submitting. We will contact you soon.

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