Learn to Fly video series for the NPPL Microlights.

The Learn to Fly series contains 22 videos which cover the flying syllabus for the NPPL Microlights in detail. There are over three hours of high quality tutorials and explanations with cockpit and external footage, animations and images.

The videos are narrated by our presenters, Charlie and Abigail, and clearly explain the aim and standard required for each exercise. Manoeuvres are covered with high quality footage and clear animations to leave you in no doubt as to how they should be flown and the standards required for the test.

After each video, there is the option to take a progress test to check your understanding and ensure you are ready to take the flight exercise.

The Learn to Fly video series works on mobile, tablet and desktops.

Complete video listing:


Phase 1: Familiarisation Exercises and Foundation

1. Air Experience

2. Aircraft Familiarisation

3. Preparation for flight and action after

4. Effects of Controls

5. Taxiing


Phase 2: The Basic Flight Manoeuvres

6. Straight and Level Flight

7. Basic Climbing and Descending

8. Performance Climbing and Descending

9a. Turning Flight

9b. Climbing and Descending Turns