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Learn to Fly video series for the NPPL Microlights.

Start your flight training adventure with the NPPL Learn to Fly Video Series, a premier learning resource for those aiming to become fixed-wing microlight pilots in the UK. Aligned with the BMAA's official flight training syllabus, our series is designed to revolutionise the training approach for student pilots. By blending superior video content and 3D animations with insightful tutorials, we offer a learning experience without parallel.

Featuring more than three hours of carefully developed tutorials that incorporate genuine cockpit and external footage, complemented by high-quality 3D animations and expert narration, our series guides you through every phase of the flight training syllabus. It sheds light on both theoretical knowledge and practical manoeuvres, redefining expectations for pre-flight briefings and eliminating the common pitfalls of inadequate preparation.

The Learn to Fly video series is used not only by student pilots, but also by microlight instructors looking to refresh their knowledge and prepare for their revalidation.

The Learn to Fly video series works on mobile, tablet and desktops.

Complete video listing:


Phase 1: Familiarisation Exercises and Foundation

1. Air Experience

2. Aircraft Familiarisation

3. Preparation for flight and action after

4. Effects of Controls

5. Taxiing


Phase 2: The Basic Flight Manoeuvres

6. Straight and Level Flight

7. Basic Climbing and Descending

8. Performance Climbing and Descending

9a. Turning Flight

9b. Climbing and Descending Turns


Phase 3: Slow Speed Handling

10a. Critically Slow Airspeed

10b. Stalling and Spin Avoidance


Phase 4: Take-off, Landing and Circuit Flying

12. Circuit Training

13. Advanced Take-Off and Landing Techniques


Phase 5: Advanced Handling

14. Advanced Turning

15. Unusual Attitudes


Phase 6: Operational Hazards, Emergency Procedures and Unexpected or Unplanned Occurrences

16a. Forced Landings

16b. Precautionary Landings

16c. Operation at Minimum Level

16d and 16e. Actions in the event of a fire, Systems Failures

Phase 7: Solo Flight Training 

17a and 17b. First Solo, Solo Circuit, Local Area Orientation and General Handling Consolidation


Phase 9: Preparation for the General Skills Test and Ground Oral Exam

19a, 19b and 19c. Dual Revision for the GST, Revision for the Aeroplane Technical Part 2 (Ground Oral) exam, Documentation Review

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