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Online Ground School for the UK Private Pilot's Licence.

QuizAero Bitesize is our highly acclaimed theory course for the UK Private Pilot's Licence. The course gives you everything you need to pass the exams for the PPL, LAPL and NPPL Microlights.

The theoretical knowledge is delivered online using interactive elements, beautiful animations and videos, clear diagrams and simple explanations. All of the chapters are split into easy to digest, bitesize chunks helping you to learn in a straightforward manner.

You can even use the course across multiple devices as it is optimised for mobile, tablets and desktops.

​When combined with our practice exams, you will also have access to progress and competence tests at the end of each chapter so you can test your knowledge before moving on.

On completion of each subject and passing the associated tests, you can generate a certificate to prove that you have studied and are ready for the exam.

NPPL Microlights
PPL and LAPL (Aeroplanes)
PPL and LAPL (Helicopters)


Bitesize Online Ground School comes loaded with features to ensure you pass the theoretical exams first time:

  • Beautiful presentation throughout the course

  • High quality videos, animations and diagrams bring your studies to life

  • Simple explanations throughout to ensure you absorb the information

  • Track your progress and carry on where you left off across any device

  • Mobile friendly

  • Discuss any topic or question with a real Flight Examiner

  • Progress and competence tests to test your knowledge

  • Generate certificates after completing each subject

  • All of the theoretical knowledge required for the exams is covered

  • Study at your own pace and at any time

  • Written by UK Flight Examiners

Bitesize is a powerful learning tool that will help you to ace all of the pilot exams. Many of our customers receive a score of 100% on their theoretical exams after using Bitesize. 

Who is this course for?

QuizAero Bitesize is designed for:

  • Student pilots studying for the UK PPL or NPPL

  • Qualified pilots who wish to refresh their knowledge

Course details

Bitesize Online Ground School covers everything that is detailed in the UK Civil Aviation Authority's theoretical knowledge syllabus. 

Course structure

Each subject is split into several chapters. At the end of each chapter, you will take a progress test to check your understanding. Once all of the chapters and progress tests have been completed for a given subject you will be given a competence test to check your overall knowledge. Upon passing the competence test, you can generate a certificate to show your flying school that you have a solid understanding of the subject and are ready to take the real test.

What our users say...

Jason Avey

Just to say what a great site this is. Far better than falling asleep trying to read a training book.

Get started

Each course is specially designed for the particular pilot's licence that you choose. Click the button below to choose your licence and get started.

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