QuizAero Bitesize - online theoretical knowledge courses for the PPL, LAPL and NPPL Microlights.

QuizAero Bitesize is our highly acclaimed online ground school for student pilots. It has beautiful animations, clear diagrams and simple explanations so you will learn the information you need in an effortless manner. 

All of the chapters are split into bitesize chunks so you can stop whenever you wish and pick it up later.


You can even use it across multiple devices as it is optimised for mobile, tablets and desktops.

​When combined with our practice exams product you will also have access to progress and competence tests at the end of each chapter so you can test your knowledge before moving on. You can even send your results to your flying instructor to inform them of your progress.


Together, they create a very powerful learning tool which will help you ace all of the written exams. Many of our customers receive a score of 100% on their written exams after using Bitesize. 

We have three separate courses for the most common private pilot licences in the UK:

  • PPL and LAPL Aeroplanes (32 Chapters)

  • PPL and LAPL Helicopters (34 Chapters)

  • NPPL Microlights (25 Chapters)

These courses are tailor-made for their respective licences and include all of the content you need to pass the theoretical knowledge examinations. They are written by an active examiner and everything is included for a single price.