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What is QuizAero?

QuizAero is the number one provider of online courses and practice tests for student pilots.


All of our material is written by a UK Flight Examiner who sees the real exams day-in day-out. The purpose of our courses is not just to help you pass the test, but to become a competent and confident pilot. They are designed to be fun, engaging and easy to use, giving you the information you need in plain English whilst at the same time maintaining a very competitive price. 

In addition, we provide an interesting blog with product reviews, write-ups and an active community on our forums.

Our products are highly rated. See for yourself with some of the comments we have shared below and on our testimonial page. Go ahead and learn more about our products below and join our community!

" QuizAero is brilliant. I didn't know what to expect on the exams but I was well prepared after using this"

QuizAero Bitesize Online Ground School

Our ever popular ground school for student pilots brings home-studying into the twenty-first century. It is animated, interactive and constantly updated with the latest regulations. All of the information is provided in bitesize chunks to help you understand it with simple explanations. When combined with our practice exams product, it is a very powerful learning tool which will help you ace all of the written exams. Many of our customers have received 100% on their written exams after using Bitesize. 


It covers all of the theoretical subjects. Bitesize has beautiful animations and clear, simple explanations. There is even the option to take competence tests after each chapter and share the results with your instructor. It is mobile friendly so you can study on the go. 

QuizAero Bitesize is available for:

  • PPL (A) and LAPL (A)

  • PPL/LAPL Helicopters

  • NPPL Microlights.

Our practice exam databases

The QuizAero Practice Exams is one of our most popular products. It is a database of PPL practice exams and NPPL practice exams. The questions are written by an active examiner and are designed to simulate the real PPL and NPPL tests closely. The exams are written in a style and format similar to the real exams and are as close as possible to the real questions.  


  • All exams are covered for each syllabus

  • Reflects the latest syllabus

  • Works on mobile, tablet and desktop

  • A large database of questions for each subject and syllabus

  • Frequently updated

  • Questions look like the real ones - get an accurate feel for how the real test will be

  • Auto marking on each exam

  • Save your results and track your progress with detailed statistics

  • Generate CAA-style Knowledge Deficiency Reports at the end of each test

  • Opportunity to discuss any question with a real examiner

What do they look like?

We have designed QuizAero so that each test feels like the real exams.

Example question - practice exams

Meteorology - Aeroplanes

The layout of each exam is similar to that of the real tests. We have matched the difficulty so it is similar to the real exams and has the same feel. 


Each subject includes information about the real exam such as the pass mark and time given. QuizAero automatically marks your exams at completion and lets you know your score and saves your result to your profile.

View all of your results at any time with detailed information about the tests you have taken. This allows you to monitor your progress and easily see any weak areas where you may need more study.

"I don't usually leave reviews, but I just want to say how amazing your learning material and mock exam questions are. I passed all exams first time, including radio practical, ALL from using your learning material."

Kristian Davies

Other Products

Radiotelephony Audio and Video Course

Our Radiotelephony course will help you become familiar with the flows of VFR radio calls when operating at aerodromes with various types of Air Traffic Control services. Learn how to fly cross-country with confidence, transit controlled airspace and operate at aerodromes with any type of Air Traffic Control. It contains a mixture of real world examples and scripted tracks so you can hear it as it would sound in your headset and in a clear manner. The course includes video animations and audio tracks, several maps, transcripts and our Radiotelephony Guide which explains in simple terms the various aspects of ATC. 

"Represents good value for money many thanks (RT Audio Course)"

Chris Waldron 

How do I get started?

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