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Aced my Microlight Air Law and Human Performance exams today... 100% on each. QuizAero was a great revision tool! 

Rob Greaves

I don't usually leave reviews, but I just want to say how amazing your learning material and mock exam questions are. I passed all exams first time, including radio practical, ALL from using your learning material.


All exams passed with a pass rate in the 90's, except one, but this was my fault! So thank you

Kristian Davies

I can only comment on the microlights section as that is all I have used but I thought it was brilliant. I can say for sure that it helped me pass the tests.

Derek Deans

works on mobile so I trained on the way to college. very useful

Oliver Sampson

I used this site for the EASA PPL (A) practice exams and I found them to be useful and yes they were about the same difficulty as the real exams. Quite similar, but not the same!

Ben Arge

Finally some PPL (H) practice exams. Really happy with this. Will let you know when I sit the exams how close they are.

Ryan Brown

Looks very slick on mobile

John Casey

Studying for NPPL(M) Quizaero was instrumental in getting me through 2 exams already and instils some confidence in attempting the rest. The option to check out other exam sections, eg helis and gliders, at no extra cost, adds interest and a wider scope. For me, a good minor investment considering the overall cost of achieving a licence qualification!

James Ramage

Represents good value for money many thanks (RT Audio Course)

Chris Waldron

QuizAero is very good would recommend x

Anna Coutle

I first purchased the practice exams which I found invaluable in my actual microlight examinations. The bite size ground course had not started at that point but I bought the ground school when it came out to aid my study. It too was great, there were a few (lots!) of points where I was not sure I was comprehending the information correctly but with the use of the bite size course and with the lesson broken up into more manageable chunks I found I was able to understand and retain the knowledge. I am still to complete some of my exams but I will be relying on both the ground school and the exams as a study aid.

Ged Reid

Have already recommended this site to my flying school who were impressed with it.

Thomas Benson

Thank you Lawrence and Chris. Attended the 5 day groundschool course and came away with good passes in all five subjects so I can now focus on my flying! Highly recommended.

Lee Hewitt

I'd like to express my appreciation again for the Ground School.  It was a hesitant snap decision of mine to attend, and I didn't have great expectation.

However, it worked out extemely well for me.


I'd also like to repeat that I found the Bite-size Online Ground school and the Practice Exams to be excellent. Without them I would never have passed.

In particular my success with Air Law and Aircraft General was entirely due to QuizAero.


Thanks again

Jim Hope

My father and I made the decision to go on the Quizaero Intensive Groundschool course having used the excellent Bitesize ground school and practice exams prior to taking the course . Lawrence and Chris were excellent teacher’s and the lectures were both fun and informative . There was a lot of information to take in and new skills to learn but help was always on hand to explain everything . For a first time running an intensive course ; I think Lawrence has produced an excellent course which just needs a few tweaks here and there purely due to the amount of information needed to be learned for the exams . We were pleasantly surprised that at the end of the week we both went away with a full set of 5 passes with a good pass mark average . We would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to gain their pilots licence . Congratulations Lawrence & Chris and a very successful First course

Courtney Chambers.

I recently subscribed to the QuizAero ground school and then attended the week long ground school which was hosted by Lawrence and Chris. Firstly the QuizAero site is very mobile friendly and an excellent tool to learn all the key info needed to pass the exams, so I would highly recommended it. Secondly, the week long course was a great way to consolidate my knowledge and to concentrate on passing all 5 exams. Lawrence and Chris were both very professional and the course was well run, so I would highly recommend it too. It was also great to meet with some other fellow student pilots on the course.

Rory Whaling

Thank you so much! 


I love Quizaero, I tell everybody about it. I have done so well with my exams thanks to your fantastic products, thank you!

Rita Harvey

Just a quick email to say thanks, I passed the last of my exams today, QuizAero was a great help. It is a great tool to check your knowledge/progress. QuizAero Bitesize was very informative. Not convinced I would have gotten through the Nav without your tutorial, that was spot on.

Darren Clare

The questions turned out to be very similar to the real ones. I think if you can pass these, you can pass the real ones!

Liam Lodge

 look forward to purchase more useful items from your website , it is user friendley and greatly laid out . 

best regards


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