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Combo Package


For the NPPL Microlights

Valid for 6 months

With this combo package you will get three courses:

  • Practice Exams

Our highly popular practice exams have helped thousands of student pilots to ace the exams first time.

You will gain access to:

Aeroplanes - All exams
Helicopters - All exams
Microlights - All exams


View all of your results at any time with detailed information and statistics about all of the tests you have taken. This allows you to monitor your progress and easily see any weak areas where you may need more study.

You will also gain access to our "Ask an examiner" feature to help you with any questions you may have. The practice exams work on mobile, tablet and desktops.

  • Microlight Bitesize Online Ground School

QuizAero Bitesize is our highly acclaimed online ground school for microlight students bringing home studying in to the 21st Century. It covers all five of the theory subjects in detail giving you everything you need for the exams. In fact - we've made sure that it includes everything that is in the real exams - guaranteed!


  • Beautiful animations

  • Clear diagrams

  • Mobile friendly

  • 25 Chapters covering all five of the theoretical subjects

  • Progress and competency tests

  • All exam questions come with detailed explanations

  • Track your progress and carry on where you left off across any device

  • Generate a certificate after completing each subject and passing the associated tests

​All of the information is provided in bitesize chunks to help you understand it with simple explanations. There are 25 chapters covering everything you need for the Air Law, Meteorology, Navigation, Human Factors and Microlight Technical exams. It is designed to make the learning process simple and fun. The course covers all of the theoretical knowledge you need for the microlight written exams.


QuizAero Bitesize works on mobile, tablet and desktops.

  • Radiotelephony Audio Video Course

The Radiotelephony Audio and Video Course is designed to improve your confidence and understanding whilst using the radio.


New pilots are often daunted by the prospect of talking to Air Traffic Control. Simply understanding what air traffic controllers are saying can be difficult enough and there is always the fear of not knowing what is being asked of you or how to reply.


The course includes video animations, audio tracks, interactive ATC scenarios, scripts and a guide which explains the various aspects of ATC in a simple manner. It also includes our Audio Training system which will help you to get used to the flows and rhythm of Air Traffic Control. This system plays audio clips of real ATC radio calls and gives you three attempts to understand what is being said. Afterwards you can see a transcript so you can compare with your notes and see if you understood correctly.


The Radiotelephone course works on desktop, tablet or mobile, and will give you a realistic depiction of how aircraft and ATC interact in the UK including poorly made radio calls and those that do not comply entirely with CAP413.


It is designed to assimilate the student with the flows of VFR radio calls. It will train your ear to understand what is being said and give you the confidence to request zone transits and land at controlled airports. Emergency procedures are also covered.


It contains a mixture of real world examples and scripted tracks so you can hear it as it would sound in your headset and in a clear manner. We have also included several maps, transcripts and kneeboard cards.

The course will help to prepare you for real life flying as well as the Communications exam and the FRTOL (Flight Radiotelephony Operator's Licence). 


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