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Practice Exams for the Private Pilot's Licences and the NPPL Microlights.

Our practice exams are an extensive database of highly realistic and challenging questions to help you prepare for the theoretical knowledge examinations.

Written by an active CAA Examiner, the tests are presented in a similar style and format to the real ones. At the end of each exam it will mark your answers and let you know your score. They also include information about the real exams such as the pass mark and duration. 

The questions are up-to-date and reflect the following syllabuses:

  • PPL (A) and LAPL (A): CAA e-exams

  • PPL (H) and LAPL (H): CAA e-exams

  • NPPL Microlights: latest written exams issued by the BMAA

Single price for all subjects

All of the subjects are covered for each syllabus in one price.

Purchasing the practice exams also unlocks all of the competence and progress tests on QuizAero Bitesize. When combined, these two products create a very powerful learning tool.

Practice Exams for the PPL


QuizAero's Practice Exams come loaded with features to test your knowledge and prepare you for the exams:

  • Highly realistic questions that are always kept up-to-date

  • Works on desktops, tablets and mobiles so you can practice at any time

  • All questions include the associated CAA Learning Objective

  • Track your progress over time with detailed statistics

  • All of the subjects are covered for a single price

  • Generate Knowledge Deficiency Reports at the end of the test just like the real CAA exams

  • Generate email reports about your exam performance to show your flying instructor

  • See detailed explanations for each question (when purchased with our online ground school)

  • Discuss any question with a CAA Flight Examiner

Who are the practice exams for?

Our practice exams are designed for:

  • Student pilots studying for the PPL, LAPL or NPPL

  • Qualified pilots who wish to refresh their knowledge

Practice exam options

The exams are separated into the following licence types. Each product covers the theoretical knowledge examination syllabus for the respective licence.

What our users say...

Andy Dean

Sat my first PPL(A) exam today - Air Law, with a pleasing 93% result. QuizAero practice exams, particularly on the Mobile platform, was amazingly simple and time-effective. I could self-test over breakfast, coffee break in the office and pre-bed in the evening. Having not needed to sit any exam of over 30yrs, I was really delighted - thank-you.

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