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New RT Course released

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The QuizAero Radiotelephony Audio Course has been released!

It is a collection of audio tracks designed to assimilate the student with the flows of VFR radio calls. It contains a mixture of real world examples and scripted tracks so you can hear it as it would sound in your headset, and in a clear manner. We have also included several maps, transcripts and our Radiotelephony Guide which explains in simple terms the various aspects of ATC.

Radiotelephony Audio course

Track Listing:

  • Breighton Air-Ground Departure

  • Breighton to Leeds Bradford En-Route

  • Leeds Bradford Arrival

  • Durham Tees Valley ATIS

  • Durham Tees Valley Local Flight

  • Durham Tees Valley Local Flight

  • Durham Tees Valley Circuits

  • Start-up Procedures

  • Barton to Blackpool Real Audio

  • Barton to Blackpool Real Audio 2

  • Durham Tees Valley Circuits Real Audio

Tracks are presented as m4a file types which can be played on most devices and written to CD.

This course should help you to familiarise yourself with VFR radio procedures and prepare you for real life flying as well as the Communications exam.

After purchase you will automatically be given a link to download the product.

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