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10 Tips for the PPL Written Exams.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

The written tests for the Private Pilot's Licence can seem daunting. You will no doubt be worried about how they look and whether you are ready. Of course QuizAero can prepare you for them, but here are 10 tips to help you get the best result possible.

Private Pilot practice written exams.

1. Give yourself plenty of study time.

Don't leave it until the last minute, for most people this is not the way to study. Although some people do work best with last minute cramming, you are unlikely to retain the information for any length of time after the test. You need to learn the subjects for a reason!

2. Go for Air Law first.

Most flying schools will require that you complete the Air Law exam before your first solo, so it is best to get it out of the way sooner rather than later. You can practice for this exam right here on QuizAero, for aeroplanes, microlights, helicopters and sailplanes!

3. Explain/teach the answers to others.

You will need an understanding spouse or friend, but explaining things to others is a great way to ensure that your knowledge is secure and it helps you to remember.

4. Organise study groups with other student pilots.

Meeting other student pilots from your club, or on the QuizAero forums is useful when organising study groups. You could, for example, plan a cross country flight to another airport and back in a similar fashion to the PPL Navigation Exam. You could even aim to fly the actual route once you have qualified as a group fly-out!

5. Take Regular breaks whilst studying.

Make sure you take regular breaks whilst studying for the PPL ground exams. You should also make sure that you hydrated and don't have other things on your mind.

6. Sleep well on the night before the PPL written tests.

You aren't you when you're tired. It is vital that you get an early night before the test and make sure you are well rested. You need to be 100% to get the best results possible.

7. Read the question very carefully.

The PPL written exams are notorious for catching students out who think they have read the question, but often have not. Read the wording very carefully. QuizAero simulates this on some of our questions.

8. Eat brain food.

Blueberries, fish, seeds, nuts and yoghurt are known to give your brain a boost. Try it before you study. It may well help you!

9. Make sure your text books are up to date - especially with Air Law.

Air Law changes regularly, and there are many differences between EASA and the FAA. There are even more differences when it comes to microlights and the CAA NPPL (M). Make sure your text books are up to date and contain the correct information. Our practice pilot exams are all up to date and reflect current legislation.

10. Practice with QuizAero!

Click here to access view our practice exam system.

Our practice PPL exams are the best on the market - and this is coming from our customers, not us. Private Pilots across the UK and Europe have used QuizAero to get a picture of what the EASA and CAA written tests will look like, to test their knowledge and improve it.

All of our questions have been written by an examiner who has seen and deals with the real papers every day. They are very realistic (but they are not the same).

We firmly believe that if you can pass with QuizAero, you can pass the real pilot tests.

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