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The Microlight syllabus

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

A couple of my students have asked me for a breakdown of the UK microlight syllabus, as dictated by the BMAA (British Microlight Aircraft Association) and the CAA.

It is currently going through a period of change and we may well have a new syllabus in 2018 which focuses on phases rather than specific exercises. 

The new syllabus may also have more focus on modern navigation techniques such as using GPS. The old syllabus is somewhat outdated in many regards, particularly navigation in my opinion.

Microlight pilots most commonly use GPS to navigate.

The reality is that most qualified pilots will use GPS at least to some degree when navigating. Even dedicated GPS units are somewhat fading away thanks to apps such as RunwayHD and SkyDemon which allow you to navigate on your phone and iPad. So I think it wise to teach students how to use such devices responsibly, rather than avoid talking about it. I don't think it's a good idea to leave them to their own devices (no pun intended) without any advice or training. But I digress...

Here are the flight exercises as they stand right now

1. Aircraft familiarisation

2. Preparation for flight and action after

3. Air experience

4. Effects of Controls

5. Taxiing

6. Straight and Level

7. Climbing

8. Descending

9a. Medium level turns

9b. Climbing and descending turns.

10a. Slow Flight

10b. Stalling

11. Spin Awareness (discussion only)

12. Take off and climb to downwind

13. The circuit, approach and landing.

14. Advanced turning

15. Unusual Attitudes and dangerous conditions.

16a. Forced landing with or without power

16b. Operations at minimum level

17a. First solo

17b. Solo local area, circuit and general flying consolidaton.

17c. Dual revision for GST.

18. Pilot Navigation (for unrestricted licence only)

To be completed in a minimum of 25 hours (15 for the restricted licence).

10 of the hours must have been flown solo (7 for the restricted licence). This must be completed in the 24 months prior to licence issue.

5 hours for exercise 18, of which 3 must have been flown solo. 

The General Skills Test (GST) Can count towards the 25 hours, but not solo time. 

Flex-wing microlight QuikR

The student must also pass five, multiple choice written examinations in the following subjects:

  • Microlight Air Law

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • Human Performance and Limitations

  • Aircraft (General)

These must be passed in the 24 months up to licence issue. 

Of course, you can practice all of these exams right here on QuizAero practice exams.


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