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QuizAero Bitesize - Online Ground School for Microlight Students.

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

QuizAero is proud to announce the release of our latest product for microlight students - Bitesize Online Ground School.

As an active microlight instructor/examiner, one of the most frequent things I hear after a written exam is, "that wasn't in the book!" or "it wasn't anything like I expected".

Unlike other categories of aircraft, microlight students don't have a great deal of literature to study from and a lot of it is out of date.

I have created QuizAero Bitesize to address that problem.

What is QuizAero Bitesize?

It is an online ground school for microlight students. It brings home-studying into the 21st century with support for desktops, mobile and tablet devices.

It covers all five of the theoretical subjects across 25 chapters. All of the information is provided in bite-size chunks with beautiful animations, clear diagrams and simple explanations.

It is designed to make the learning process simple and fun.

It covers the theory behind all of the questions on the real written exams - guaranteed!


  • All of the theory for the exam questions covered

  • 25 Chapters covering all of the subjects

  • Slick animations and layout

  • Mobile/tablet friendly - study on the go

  • Simple and clear diagrams and text

  • Forums for discussing with other students

  • Discuss any subjects/questions with a flying instructor*

  • Progress and competency tests throughout to check your progress - you can even share your test results with your instructor to let them know how you are progressing!!*

*requires practice exams product to unlock this feature

How can I get started?

Visit our online store to get started.

QuizAero Bitesize - Online Ground School for Microlight Students

QuizAero Microlight Online Courses


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