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Notes from the BMAA Instructor Seminar 2018

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

I attended the BMAA Instructor Seminar at Hangar 2, Sywell Aerodrome on 20th February 2018. There were approximately 100 instructors in attendance and various speakers both from the BMAA and elsewhere.

Below are some notes I took which you may find interesting.

Licence Applications -

  • Flex-wing licence applications are dropping and fixed wing are increasing

  • 271 fixed wing licence applications (2017)

  • 81 flex-wing licence applications (2017)

  • 23% flex-wing applications

  • 2 powered parachute applications

  • 3.5% of applications were from women

Flex-wing licence applications have reduced

There is a chance that microlight maximum weight may increase to 600kg. If this happens, the BMAA would like to see that there is no negative effect on licencing (i.e. further training requirements).

With regards to licencing after Brexit, it is likely that the UK will maintain alignment with EASA with small adjustments perhaps taking place over time.

Use of kit built aircraft for training -

  • it is permitted to train in a kit built aircraft if you are not the owner/part owner providing you already hold a pilot's licence

  • they cannot be used for introductory flights or hire

It was pointed out at the meeting that any pilot who loses their logbook will be invited to at least one interview with the CAA and possibly more. There will be a £200 charge for this. It is recommended that photo copies are taken of each page after completion.

Panel Matters-

  • the instructor pre-entry exams are being rewritten

  • a flight test may be required for Flight Examiner (FE) ratings going forward

  • a new syllabus for the NPPL Microlights has been put forward and feedback is being collected from instructors.

More statistics on flight training-

  • 50% were members of the BMAA at the point of licence application

  • the average age at licence application was 45

  • the average time to complete was two years

  • the average hours logged at application was 56 hours 29 minutes

  • the average solo time was 13 hours 24 minutes

  • there are currently 20 Restricted Flight Instructors

  • there are currently 250-300 Microlight Flight Instructors

  • there are 52 Flight examiners of which 41 are exclusively microlight examiners

  • 25% of licence applications are returned due to errors

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BMAA Instructor Seminar at Sywell aerodrome


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