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Five awesome microlights we may see if the UK adopts 600kg.

Updated: May 11

With some European countries now adopting a maximum total weight authorised of 600kg for microlights, there is speculation that the UK may follow suit.

What would this mean for the UK microlight market? It may open the door to many aircraft that were previously unavailable due to weight restrictions.

Of course, any aircraft would still need to receive UK certification and meet the requirements of BCAR Section S, but it is an exciting thought and is sure to diversify our microlight fleet if it comes to fruition.

Here is a list of some of the great microlights operating in Europe up to 600kg.

1. Blackshape Prime.

Blackshape Prime

The Blackshape Prime is a sexy, high performance microlight with a carbon fiber frame and the Rotax 912ULS. It can cruise at speeds in excess of 140kts and handles like a fighter jet. The aircraft will set you back £150,000 but looks and performs like few others!

2. Skyleader GP One.

Skyleader GP One

The GP One is a serious challenger for Pipistrel and Flight Design. The carbon-composite two seater is very competitively priced at around £59,000 ready to fly (2017). It has pleasant handling characteristics and cruises at 94kts at 75% power. It is equipped with a parachute rescue system and the 80hp Rotax 912UL. The aircraft is manufactured by Skyleader in the Czech republic and is proving popular with training providers and private owners in Europe.

3. Skyleader 600.

Skyleader 600

The flagship model from Skyleader is an evolution of the Kappa 77 KP-2U Sova which was popular across Europe in the late 90s and early 2000s. With retractable gear as an option, this stylish aircraft can cruise at 122kts and is available at under £80,000 ready to fly (2017). The Skyleader 600 is said to be exceptionally comfortable with one of the largest cabins in class.

4. Shark UL.

Shark UL

Similar to the Blackshape Prime in terms of looks and performance but with a slightly more palatable price tag, the Shark UL is certified in several European countries and the USA. The aircraft starts at around £105,000 and is manufactured by Shark Aero in Slovakia.

5. TL-3000 Sirius.

TL-3000 Sirius

Somewhat less exotic in looks but not at all less appealing, the TL-3000 Sirius has easy cabin access and an all composite-carbon fiber fuselage. With glass cockpit as standard and a yoke control on both sides, the Sirius could be used for ab-initio training or touring. The price was listed in 2015 as just over €89,000.

What do you think? Do you know of any other aircraft that you dream of seeing in the UK skies? Comment to share your thoughts.

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