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Another five amazing microlights we may see if the UK adopts 600kg.

Updated: May 11

Following on from our first article in which we looked at five amazing microlights that we could see in the UK, here are another five aircraft that could potentially take to the skies if we adopt 600kg Maximum Total Weight Authorised (MTWA).

The aircraft would still be required to meet BCAR Section S requirements in order to fly in the UK, but when we consider some of the aircraft flying in other parts of the world, it is an exciting prospect at least.



The Blackwing is an advanced ultralight manufactured in Sweden, with a cantilever low-wing carbon airframe. The sleek and sexy airframe is powered by the Rotax 91X family of engines and the fixed gear model cruises at 135kts. However, the Blackwing 600RG has a retractable gear and the manufacturer states that it can cruise at 150kts with the 100hp Rotax engine. In fact, it recently set the record for the fastest ultralight in the world, reaching an average speed of 212kts over a 15km stretch and a top speed of 219kts with the Rotax 915iS engine.



The REMOS GX family of aircraft is manufactured in north eastern Germany and has proven popular in Europe and the USA. The airframe is made from carbon fibre and the cockpit is reinforced with layers of aramid for extra safety. REMOS says that their aircraft is the perfect trainer thanks to its gentle handling characteristics, low maintenance costs, and proven history with some aircraft already achieving in excess of 20,000 landings at flying clubs. The aircraft cruises at 102kts with the Rotax 912ULS or 912iS and the large fowler flaps reduce the stall speed to 42kts. Other features include a simple wing-fold system which only takes ten minutes and the ability to tow banners or gliders.

3. Texas Aircraft Colt

Texas Colt

As you may guess from the name, this all-aluminium aircraft is built in Texas for the USA LSA category. It is an evolution of an earlier Brazilian design called the INPAER Conquest 180. The Colt has yoke controls, four point harnesses, a ballistic parachute and a Dynon SkyView Glass cockpit. The standard engine used is the 100 hp Rotax 912ULS. The useful load of 220kg is not as high as some other aircraft in this category, but the sumptuous interior may go some way to explaining that. The aircraft also boasts a 110kt cruise at 75% power and 120 litre fuel tanks. The aircraft was priced at $167,000 in 2019.

Texas Colt interior

4. Flight Design CTLS 2020

The CT has come a long way since its inception in 1997. The model has been refined many times and the CTLS is the market leader in the Light Sport category in the USA. The 2020 edition of the CTLS is a further refinement. Lighter empty weight, a new interior, redesigned cowling, improved fuel system and Garmin G3X avionics suite are just a few of the improvements on this updated model. The aircraft is already certified to EASA CS-LSA with a restricted type certificate and flies in the UK as a 600kg aircraft, but it may be available as a microlight in the future along side its smaller brother, the CTSS which flies as a 472.5kg microlight in the UK.

5. The VL3

JMB aircraft state that the VL3 is the fastest UL aircraft in the world with a top cruising speed of 205kts. The composite aircraft has a 27.7ft wing span, 140 litre fuel tanks, variable pitch propellor and an optional retractable gear. Prices range from approximately €146,000 - €187,000 depending on your choice of engine and avionics.

What do you think? Do you know of any other aircraft that you dream of seeing in the UK skies? Comment to share your thoughts.

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@iang21 That's a good one. We can cover the Risen in another article some time



in you review of 600kg microlight you missed my favourite the Swiss design, Italian built Risen

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