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Follow up on our five day Ground School Course

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

QuizAero five day ground school

This week we held our first five day ground school course at Peterlee Aerodrome. The course was designed for microlight student pilots. The idea was to come to us for five days and study intensively with the view of going home with five passes in the written exams.

This event took a lot of preparation with over 25 presentations and quizzes covering everything from Air Law to Navigation.

We had sixteen participants on most days, though some opted to skip the days that were not covering a topic they required.

Throughout the day the students received a number of lectures, each followed by a five question quiz to check their progress. Following this, they were to sit the real exam.

The course was tough going with a lot of information provided in a short time and at a fairly rapid pace, but I am pleased to say that we had a very high pass rate and most of the students went home with a full set of passes at the end of the week. They also gained some key flying skills such as understanding in-depth weather forecasting and thorough flight planning.

Studying Meteorology with QuizAero Ground School

QuizAero five day ground school was a success.

The students enjoyed the course and made some flying friends from all over the country. All in all, this event was a success and the feedback we have received has meant that we can improve it in the future. We are planning another one next year, pending sufficient numbers. Are you training for your NPPL Microlights? Did you miss the course? Don't worry, you can study online with our highly rated Bitesize Online Ground School.


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