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Second five day theory course announced

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

QuizAero is pleased to announce that following the success of our first five day NPPL ground school, we will be hosting another at Shotton Aerodrome (Peterlee) from 1st April - 5th April 2019.

The aim of the course is to pass all of the NPPL (M) written exams in five days and go home knowing that you can concentrate on the flying aspect of the course and the written exams are complete. It will be hosted by an experienced CAA examiner.

Five day NPPL theory course.

The cost of the course is £459, though BMAA members and QuizAero customers can receive a discount paying only £399.

Our last ground school was highly rated. Head over to our testimonials page to see what our customers said about it.

Learn more and register your interest here.


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