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New to the UK: The Ikarus C42C

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Until recently, only the Comco-Ikarus C42A and C42B were available in the UK, but when The Light Aircraft Company (TLAC) took over the UK sales, they said that they would push to bring the other models to the market. True to their word, TLAC have announced that the Ikarus C42C is now available in the UK as a microlight.

An evolution from the C42B.

The Ikarus C42C is a development and refinement on the earlier model with improved cruise speed, range and an increase in the maximum possible take-off weight.

The Ikarus C42C has redesigned winglets and a GRP leading edge.
The Ikarus C42C has redesigned winglets and a GRP leading edge.

The wing-span has been reduced from 31ft to 28.6ft with a reduction in wing area from 134.5 sq ft to 128 sq ft. The wing tips have been redesigned and the leading edge is now GRP across the whole span.

Ikarus C42C nose profile

  • The cockpit has better sealing thanks to a redesigned front windscreen and better door integration with the fuselage.

  • The control comfort is improved with spades and Flettner rudders.

  • Aerodynamic optimisation where the fuselage and flaps meet.

  • Better engine cooling thanks to lightweight tubular frame engine mounts made from high performance steel.


Ikarus C42B and C42C comparison table

Available now in the UK.

TLAC have confirmed the aircraft is now available for sale in the UK and they hope to have a demonstrator available from May. Prices start from EUR 61,995.

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