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Practice Exams


All sections

Valid for 6 months

Practice Exams

Our highly popular practice exams have helped thousands of student pilots to ace the exams first time.

You will gain access to:

Aeroplanes - All exams

Helicopters - All exams

Microlights - All exams

View all of your results at any time with detailed information and statistics about all of the tests you have taken. This allows you to monitor your progress and easily see any weak areas where you may need more study.

For the PPL and LAPL exams, you have the option to generate a Knowledge Deficiency Report after the test, just like the real CAA exams. This feature uses the CAA's learning objectives to create a realistic report highlighting areas where you need to brush up.

You will also gain access to our "Ask an examiner" feature to help you with any questions you may have.

The exams are always up to date and reflect the following syllabuses:

  • PPL (A) and LAPL (A): CAA e-exams

  • PPL (H) and LAPL (H): CAA e-exams

  • NPPL Microlights: latest written exams issued by the BMAA


The practice exams work on mobile, tablet and desktops. 

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