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BMAA circulates new written exams for the NPPL Microlights

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

The British Microlight Aircraft Association has released new papers for the microlight written exams. They have been under development for nearly two years and they are now ready to issue.

Flying schools can use the new papers with immediate effect and the old exams cannot be taken after 30th November, though existing passes will be accepted.

Many of the subjects now have more questions and two hours are allocated for each exam. In addition, some questions now require a written answer rather than selecting an answer from multiple options.

The new exams contain questions and subjects which have not appeared on previous exams and additional theoretical knowledge will be required. QuizAero bitesize has been updated to ensure that all of the theoretical knowledge from the new written exams is included in our online ground school.

The new written exams follow the introduction of the new flying syllabus which was promulgated in 2019. Combined, both ensure that UK microlight training is up-to-date and adequately prepares student pilots to safely operate modern microlights.

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